Free Enterprise

As a pro-growth conservative, I believe the free enterprise system in conjunction with the private sector is the recipe for long-term prosperity. Both contribute to the foundation of our country and are the greatest contributors to driving down poverty and increasing innovation. It is critical to ensure free markets have as few regulations as possible while affirming the protection of consumers and investors. In Congress, I will work to reduce overburdening regulations on our free enterprise system and private industry. Some of my efforts include:

  • H.R. 4773 – Consumer Financial Protection Commission Act | This bill removes the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from the Federal Reserve System, converts the bureau into an independent commission, and modifies its leadership structure.
  • H.R. 1729 – Fair Access to Banking Act | This bill restricts certain banks, credit unions, and payment card networks from refusing to do business with a person who is in compliance with the law.
  • H.R. 9063 – Protect Farmers from the SEC Act | This bill prohibits the SEC from requiring an issuer to disclose information related to certain greenhouse gas emissions, and for other purposes.

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