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Washington D.C.– U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions (TX-17) and U.S. Senator Pete Ricketts (NE) introduced a joint concurrent resolution, H.Con.Res 87, titled "Recognizing the Need for Research, Education, and Policy Development Regarding High-Potency Marijuana," also known as "Randy’s Resolution." This resolution aims to underscore the urgent need for comprehensive research into the health effects of high-potency marijuana products and to advocate for the development of public educational programs. The resolution is named in memory of Randy Bacchus Jr., who tragically lost his life due to the use of high-potency marijuana.

This resolution comes at a critical time as marijuana products increase in potency at the same time states are legalizing marijuana and allowing rapid commercialization. There is growing evidence linking high-potency THC drugs to significant negative health impacts. The resolution urges local, state, and federal authorities to prioritize research on these health effects and their impact on vulnerable populations, particularly young Americans.

"The staggering increase in abuse of potent THC products, and the associated health risks, cannot be ignored,” said Congressman Sessions. “High levels of marijuana use pose a significant risk, particularly to our youth, increasing the incidence of psychosis fivefold. I am proud to work with Senator Ricketts to introduce Randy’s Resolution and advocate for better safety and mental health among Americans.”

“The average THC potency in marijuana has increased by 287% since 1995, and it’s killing young Americans like Randy Bacchus Jr.,” said Senator Ricketts. “Randy’s Resolution is a call to arms for every level of government to do more to combat the dangerous, addictive high-potency marijuana products flooding the market today. We can’t stand by and do nothing while the big marijuana lobby gets the next generation addicted to a drug that causes mental health disorders and cognitive impairment.”

The drug policy group Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) and the parents of Randy Bacchus were strong supporters of Randy’s Resolution.

“This is a predatory industry that is preying on the most vulnerable among us,” said former Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy, Honorary Chair of SAM. “More potent drugs drive higher profits that line the pockets of industry executives and shareholders while damaging the lives of millions. Our leaders in both parties must come together and like Senator Ricketts and Congressman Sessions, be proactive on this critically important public health issue.”

“Americans should thank Senator Ricketts and Rep. Sessions for taking a proactive leadership position to address this growing threat to public health,” said former White House drug policy advisor Dr. Kevin Sabet and President of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM). “The industry is using high-potency products to hook a new generation of users, especially young people, with increasingly stronger drugs that are having devastating impacts on communities across the nation. We need a comprehensive approach from leaders in Washington and at the state levels to implement potency caps that can protect public health.”

“Randy’s months-long struggle with psychotic episodes and paranoid delusions didn’t have to happen,” said Heather Bacchus. “Too many people think today’s highly industrialized marijuana is harmless or even, as Randy thought, improving their quality of life. But the reality is far more tragic. We’re here today to ensure other families don’t endure the heartbreaking loss of a son and brother like we’ve suffered.”
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