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Washington D.C.– Congressman Pete Sessions (TX-17) released the following statement after the announcement of a official impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

“Recent work from the House Oversight and Accountability Committee have revealed that there are significant questions concerning Joe Biden’s conduct and use of his status as an elected official—and the American people deserve answers. Unlike the hurried impeachment proceedings by House Democrats against former President Donald Trump, my colleagues and I have spent nine months gathering information, vetting allegations, and establishing the concerning fact pattern upon which this inquiry is based.

Throughout this investigation, Members of Congress and Committees have been stonewalled by federal agencies and law enforcement during our inquiries for more information. This inquiry will provide sufficient authority to secure the information necessary to present the American people with relevant facts and information.

We are living through a significant moment in our country's history. People in Texas’s 17th District are increasingly concerned about the direction of our government and nation. This impeachment inquiry is only part of a broader effort to uphold our Commitment to America and restore Americans' confidence in our federal government. As a Senior Member of the Republican conference, I remain committed to holding the federal government accountable. This means ensuring that even the most senior elected officials uphold their ethical obligations and oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

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