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Congressman Pete Sessions

Representing the 32nd District of Texas

The World's Greatest Healthcare Plan

For the past 18 months Congressman Sessions has worked with Senator Cassidy and Dr. John Goodman, doctors and healthcare providers, and hundreds of business owners in North Texas and across the country to discuss ways that we can improve and reform the unsustainable policies in ObamaCare. H.R. 1275 The World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan isn’t full of onerous regulations, unnecessary mandates, or discriminatory policies. This bill empowers all Americans to make their own healthcare choices, save money in an account that is not use-it-or-lose-it, and ensures that not one person will be forced onto ObamaCare.

Under this bill, every American citizen is eligible to claim a $2,500 tax benefit as well as a $1,500 tax benefit per dependent minor. This benefit can be assigned to an employer, transferred to a Roth Health Savings Account, or advanced for annual distribution. With this benefit, individuals and families have the freedom to use their tax benefit to plan and save for their health care futures. 

This plan offers a unique, free-marketplace alternative that unleashes doctors, patients, and all individuals from the constraints of ObamaCare, and gives them the opportunity to be in charge of their own healthcare. This is more than a bill- it is a solution that will provide an affordable, predictable, competitive marketplace that will create a healthier society and a stronger economy.

Click here to watch a video from that explains the World's Greatest Healthcare Plan

Click here to watch a presentation that explains our current broken healthcare system and how the World's Greatest Healthcare Plan will be the solution.

References available here: PDF iconFixing Our Broken Healthcare System - Works Cited Handout.pdf