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Congressman Pete Sessions

Representing the 32nd District of Texas

The Hill Report: Week of September 3 - September 7, 2018

September 10, 2018
Weekly Newsletters

Throughout the month of September, we are partnering with various organizations and groups to raise awareness throughout Suicide Prevention Month. Suicide can affect any member of our community, no matter age, race, or gender. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, there is one death by suicide every 12 minutes in the United States. I have been a strong advocate for individuals who suffer from depression and mental illness and have pushed for not only legislative solutions, but most importantly an open dialogue within communities to end the stigma and provide them with the support they need. This month, I’ll be highlighting my continued efforts to help those suffering in our community and the resources available to prevent suicide in North Texas. 


This week in Washington, the House passed several bills, including legislation aimed at making sure our communities are safe, promoting our energy industry, and providing our students with the tools they need to succeed. I was glad to support each of these pieces of legislation in my continued efforts to put our North Texas community first and bring your commonsense solutions to Washington. 

Today’s August jobs report had even more good news for North Texans. Our booming economy has resulted in 201,000 jobs added in August and unemployment remains at a low 3.9 percent. We’re also seeing wage growth across the board and thanks to the recent tax reform, that means more of these dollars will stay where they belong, in your pocket.


Meetings in Washington, D.C.

Oncology Nursing Society 
This week, I was delighted to meet with Texas nurses from the Oncology Nursing Society, including one from UT Southwestern. We discussed my support of legislation to help cancer patients and my involvement in expanding access to clinical trials. From improving access to lymphedema compression treatment items to improving palliative care, these nurses passionately used their experience to advocate for their patients, and I am proud to support their efforts.

Congressman Sessions meeting with Texas nurses from the Oncology Nursing Society.  


This week, I was delighted to meet with North Texans representing AIPAC to discuss our critically important bilateral alliance with Israel. Specifically, we discussed two important pieces of legislation, H.R. 1697, the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, and H.R. 5141, which would streamline bilateral defense and security assistance for Israel. Throughout our history, the United States has always come to the aid and defense of our allies, and we will do the same for Israel. As your Member of Congress, I will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that the United States remains committed to the security of the Israeli people.

Congressman Sessions meeting with North Texans representing AIPAC. 

Meeting with Tata Group
On Thursday, I met with the Tata Group and my good friend, former Foreign Secretary of India Dr. Jaishankar to discuss the work they are doing within the United States to strengthen our relationship with India. Specifically, we discussed how our two countries can partner together to advance our commercial and strategic partnership, strengthen the bonds that unite our two countries, and create economic opportunity for American workers in the United States. Currently, India is our 9th largest trading partner but it is my hope that our bilateral trade continues to grow. Moving forward, I will continue to work with our international partners and all levels of government, including Governor Abbott who traveled to India earlier this year, to promote Texas' strong business climate and workforce opportunity. 

Congressman Sessions meeting with former Foreign Secretary of India Dr. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar and Chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran.

Southwest Airlines  
Yesterday, my office was happy to host Southwest Airlines employees to discuss the work Congress is doing to help American workers, promote U.S. companies, and unleash the free enterprise system. Specifically, thanks to the new tax law, Southwest Airlines was able to give all their staff a  $1,000 bonus and start plans to buy $4.5 billion in new Boeing 737 airplanes. I was also glad to provide these North Texans with an opportunity to tour our Capitol building and see first-hand the work the House is doing to pass legislation and get things done. 

Congressman Sessions with employees from Southwest Airlines. 


Trinity Watershed Meeting

This morning, members of my Dallas team joined Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, R.D. James, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, the City Manager’s Office, Council members and staff to discuss the Dallas Floodway and Dallas’ flood fighting improvements due to recent federal disaster funding.

I have worked tirelessly to communicate the urgency of this project and ensure the necessary funding was made available to complete it. Mayor Rawlings thanked Assistant Secretary James and myself for working with the city on this critical project. Mayor Rawlings also highlighted the importance of working hand-in-hand with Members of Congress and the Administration to secure federal funding for projects to ensure our city can provide the highest level of public safety possibly for the people of Dallas. 

This supplemental funding provides North Texas with critical flood protection, specifically with the Lewisville Dam Safety Modification Project that is scheduled for completion in 2026.  

Have a great weekend,

Pete Sessions
U.S. Congressman