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Congressman Pete Sessions

Representing the 32nd District of Texas

The Hill Report: Week of November 6 - 10, 2017

November 13, 2017
Weekly Newsletters

This weekend we pause to pay tribute to our nations veterans and thank them for their service. In honor of the observation of Veteran’s Day today I will be participating in events across the district to say thank you to the brave men and women who protected our great nation. I will be posting updates throughout the day so please follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

House Passed Legislation 
Voting to Protect American Job Creators 
Federal overreach and convoluted, job-killing regulations were the hallmark of the Obama Administration. So it is not a surprise that under their direction unelected bureaucrats at theNational Labor Relations Board injected themselves where they don’t belong – squarely in themiddle of the employer-employee relationship. Their actions blurred the lines of responsibility of joint employers for decisions that specifically impact the day-to-day operations of local businesses. In addition to creating an immense amount of confusion, this misguided decision also jeopardized 1.7 million American jobs. 

Under our unified government, we have made great strides in rolling back onerous Obama-era regulations. While we have more work to do, I proudly supported the Save Local Business ActThis measure is a positive step in the right direction to protect American job creators and prevent future federal overreach. 

Later in the week I supported an additional measure to help our job creators, H.R. 2201, the Micro Offering Safe Harbor Act. Small businesses and startups are the main drivers of our economy and create hundreds of thousands of jobs for hard working Americans across the country. However, these small businesses are forced to comply with the same costly, regulations that apply to large corporations, corporations who have the means to foot the bill unlike these entrepreneurs who are just trying to get enough capital to make their dreams become a reality. Instead of holding back American ingenuity, our laws should encourage the entrepreneurial spirit. I proudly supported today's measure to break through these chains to allow these job creators to access the capital necessary so they can grow their businesses and achieve the American Dream." 

Unleashing the Potential of Hydropower 
Hydropower presents a tremendous opportunity for the United States to generate cleaner, more affordable energy. However, bureaucratic hurdles have held back the potential of this resource. Under current laws, the licensing process for new hydropower development projects can last more than a decade and cost millions of dollars. As a critical component of our all of the above energy strategy, we need to unleash the capability of hydropower by modernizing current infrastructure and building new projects. H.R. 3043, the Hydropower Policy Modernization Act of 2017 will streamline the current permitting and licensing process so these projects can get underway.  By putting this issue squarely in FERC’s jurisdiction, we will help expedite these processes so we can produce cleaner energy and drive down energy costs for hard working American families. 

Protecting the Job Corps Program 
One of the best parts about our country is that any one has the ability to achieve anything no matter where they are from or what their background is. It is programs like the Job Corps that continue to make the American Dream possible by creating opportunities for all individuals from all walks of life to succeed. It recently came to my attention that the U.S. Department of Labor made a misguided decision to cut slots to this critical program despite an increase in their funding. To address this, I sent a letter to Secretary Acosta this week asking him to reevaluate their plan. I am pleased to announce that as a result of my letter, the Department reversed course and rescinded their proposal to remove slots. I wholeheartedly applaud the Department of Labor for reversing these damaging cuts and look forward to supporting the success of the Job Corps program. 

Meetings in Washington 
National Physician Health Care Policy Meeting 
Twice a year I am delighted to welcome physicians from the National Physicians Council for Healthcare Policy to discuss important issues facing the medical community. This week we discussed a variety of issues impacting the healthcare community from direct primary care limitations to increasing costs. It was a pleasure to engage so many physicians who wanted to contribute ideas and solutions to improve healthcare in our country.

Congressman Sessions talking with physicians from across the country

Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas 
I was delighted to meet with some of the young men from Jesuit College Preparatory School. I talked with them about the importance of character, courageous leadership and acting with integrity. We also had a civil discussion about many of the difficult issues and problems facing our country and about how they as young leaders can work towards positive change in our communities and country. I look forward to watching them continue to grow as leaders in the years to come.

Congressman Sessions with young leaders from Jesuit

Fulbright Association 
This week I was pleased to meet with members of the Fulbright Association, including two Fulbright scholar program participants from Poland that are studying at the University of Texas-Dallas. For over 70 years the Fulbright scholar program has been a vital exchange program that helps folks to interact with one another from around the world and promote international cultural and educational exchange. 

Congressman Sessions meeting with members of the Fulbright Association