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Congressman Pete Sessions

Representing the 32nd District of Texas

The Hill Report: Week of June 4 - June 8, 2018

June 11, 2018
Weekly Newsletters

Gangs like MS-13 have threatened our communities for far too long. According to the Department of Justice, the transnational gang, MS-13, that is notoriously violent and comprised of members mostly from Central America, has 10,000 members inside the United States who engage in gang activities that pose a direct threat to our children, families, and communities. This week, my colleagues and I passed the Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act (H.R. 3249) by a vote of 394-13 to curb gang activity and ensure that our law enforcement agencies are always equipped with the tools necessary to crack down on these thugs. I am extremely pleased that this important piece of legislation is heading straight to the President’s desk to be signed and become the law of the land.

Yesterday, the House took a critical step towards reigning in our government’s wasteful and unnecessary spending and I am proud to say that I supported the administration’s effort to cut nonessential budget items and return money to the U.S. Treasury that has been sitting unused for far too long. I look forward to more progress in addressing our burgeoning debt in the coming months. If you would like to learn more about H.R. 3,click here.

Meetings in the District

US Public Health Service Anchor and Caduceus Dinner 
Monday evening, I had the privilege of speaking at the U.S. Public Health Service Anchor and Caduceus Dinner, where U.S. Public Health Service officers, commissioned corps, and active duty members from all over the country convened in Dallas, TX. I commend these diligent people and health professionals for their hard work and commitment to making public health a priority for our nation. As one of the United States' seven uniformed services, USPHS dedication to protect, promote, and advance the health and safety of Americans is held in high regard and does not go unnoticed. Thank you to the Assistant Secretary For Health of the U.S. Health and Human Services, Admiral Brett Giroir, M.D., whom I had the privilege of sitting next to at dinner, the mission and accomplishments of the USPHS will continue to make our nation a better place to live.

Meetings in Washington

Texas Instruments 

On Tuesday, I was delighted to meet the new CEO of Texas Instruments Brian Crutcher to discuss what T.I. is doing to build out the company and continue the work they are doing for our nation's technology sector. As one of the leading-edge Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Dallas, T.I. continues to serve as one of the best examples of a Texas company that can operate on a global scale but also give back to the local and regional community. As a Texan, I am proud to represent the hard-working business men and women who continue to grow our economy and create jobs, and look forward to working with Brian to make Texas an even better place to live and do business.

Congressman Sessions with Brian Crutcher, CEO of Texas Instruments.


Nature Conservancy
On Wednesday, I met with Texans representing the Nature Conservancy. As the leading conservation organization working in Texas, the Nature Conservancy works to protect and further develop our ecologically important lands and natural beauty. As a father and an active Eagle Scout, I understand the need to preserve our natural resources and the environment for future generations. Furthermore, as a strong supporter of the For the Love of the Lake program I understand the importance of protecting our state's natural beauty and conserving its natural resources. Ultimately, there is a balance that allows for our free enterprise system and environmental conservation to co-exist. As Congress continues to debate how we can best protect our environment, I look forward to continuing to support polices and efforts to achieve this critically important balance.

Congressman Sessions with Laura Whiting of Dallas, Texas representing the Nature Conservancy. 


Farm Credit Bank
This week I was delighted to meet with individuals from the Farm Credit Bank to discuss the importance of supporting the agricultural community. Despite the final vote outcome of the 2018 farm bill, I look forward to the coming weeks when the House could reconsider this important measure so that we can ensure fair food prices, an adequate food supply and protect and sustain the country’s vital natural resources.

Congressman Sessions with members of the Farm Credit Bank.


Boy Scouts
As a proud Eagle Scout, I was delighted to meet with Michael Surbaugh, the Chief Scout Executive, to discuss the current state of Scouting in America. We both had the good fortune to meet a young Scout from Dallas who was in my office while we were meeting. We impressed on him to continue his path to the Eagle Scout Rank, and the responsibility that achievement requires. Scouting has been one of the formative experiences of my life and I am proud that it still shapes the character of young men to be out future leaders.

Congressman Sessions with the current Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America and Congressman Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania.


Texas Orthopaedic Association
This week I was delighted to meet with my friend Dr. John T. Gill and his fellow orthopedic surgeons. We discussed their efforts to improve patient care and how the federal government can better tailor its policies to facilitate such improvement. From endless paperwork to cutting reimbursements to unsustainable levels, many policies impede the ability of our doctors to care for patients. As a physician advocate, I consistently tackle issues to ensure physicians can continue to provide top-notch care to North Texans.

Congressman Sessions meeting with Dr. John T. Gill, MD and other orthopaedic surgeons from Texas Scottish Rite Hospital and UT Southwestern.

Events in the District Next Week

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