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Congressman Pete Sessions

Representing the 32nd District of Texas

The Hill Report: Week of June 18 - June 22, 2018

June 25, 2018
Weekly Newsletters

This week the House was slated to vote on two pieces of immigration reform legislation. Unfortunately, it is a shame that Democrats have chosen to put politics over our rule of law, the lives of the families who have been separated, and the thousands of DACA kids that they have claimed to want to help. We are sent up here to move the ball forward and work together to do what is best for our nation. I for one will not let these votes hold us back from doing the right thing. That is why I have introduced a piece of legislation today, the Families First Act, that addresses our current crisis at the border by ensuring legitimate families are not separated from their loved ones. It also closes loopholes that criminal illegal aliens have used to take advantage of the system and use innocent children as their golden ticket into our country; and it doubles the number of immigration judges at the border. I believe this bill is a solid step in the right direction towards not only addressing the issue, but solving the problem.

Meetings in Washington

Alzheimer’s Association 
This week, I was delighted to meet with representatives from the Alzheimer’s Association. Alzheimer’s is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that worsens over time. Over 29 million people suffer from this condition. I am a strong supporter of funding the National Institutes of Health so that our country’s leading-edge physicians and researchers can find solutions to this disease and many others. Currently, no treatments exist that stop or reverse progression of Alzheimer’s, and we need to correct this problem.  

Congressman Sessions with members of the Alzheimers Association of Dallas. 
McKesson Corporation
The Metroplex’s pro-business environment has attracted companies from around the world. Last year, DFW attracted McKesson’s largest business unit, which moved from San Francisco, citing our reasonable cost-of-living, large employee base, and favorable business climate. I was happy to meet with representatives from McKesson, which employs about 2,000 employees in the area. I will continue to support policies that encourage expanding opportunities for North Texans.

Congressman Sessions with representatives of McKesson, one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in North Texas.


World Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce
This week, I was pleased to welcome key leaders from the World Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce. We engaged in productive discussions regarding trade relations between our two great countries, and how we can continue to grow and strengthen our economic partnership. Taiwan is a steadfast friend, strategic partner and democratic ally in Southeast Asia. While our relationship is already strong, I look forward to further strengthening U.S.-Taiwan relations. 
Congressman Sessions with members of the World Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce.

U.S. Global Leadership Coalition 
I was delighted to meet with members of the United States Global Leadership Coalition on Tuesday. The USGLC is a broad-based network of 400 businesses and NGOs, national security and foreign policy experts, and business, faith-based, academic and community leaders from all 50 states. Through smart and effective investments in development and diplomacy, we are better able to keep our citizens safe, strengthen our economy, and save lives. I appreciate the work of the USGLC to ensure that our nation's leaders have the knowledge and facts required to make smart decisions for America.


Congressman Sessions meeting with members of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition. 

Renal Physicians Association 
Nephrologists are physicians who specialize in the kidney. This week, I was delighted to meet with nephrologists to discuss issues impacting their patients, such as protecting organ donors. I have long advocated for policies to better allow physicians to provide their patients with quality care. We must ensure that the federal government not needlessly burden our physicians and that it supports them in their efforts to treat and heal Americans.

Congressman Sessions meeting with several physicians from Dallas Forth Worth.


Have a great weekend, 

U.S. Congressman