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Congressman Pete Sessions

Representing the 32nd District of Texas

The Hill Report: Week of January 29 - February 2, 2018

February 5, 2018
Weekly Newsletters

This week President Trump delivered his first State of the Union address. During his address we heard a resounding theme - the days of big government are over and we have entered a new chapter of freedom and opportunity. In this past year under our unified government we have fulfilled the promises we have made to the American people. We have passed pro-growth tax reform, we have gained ground against radical Islamic terrorists, and we have created a safer, stronger nation.  

In the past year we have created 2.4 million new jobs. The unemployment rate has hit a 17 year low of 4.1 percent and our GDP continues to rise. Americans are seeing their savings grow as the stock market skyrockets and they are able to earn more on themoney that they have saved for their future. This week alone the January jobs reportsshows that we added a robust 200,000 jobs and we saw the fastest growth in wages inthe last eight years. Because of our tax plan, companies across the country are giving their employees bonuses, raising wages, and giving back to their communities. Our plan is working and producing real results for all Americans.  

In addition to our economic prosperity, we have also made great strides in making our nation safer both at home and abroad. We finally have a Commander in Chief who doesn’t think of ISIS as a JV Team, and has allowed our military to do what they need to do to eradicate this cancer. As a result, ISIS has lost 98 percent of its territory.  

At home, we are finally securing our borders and enforcing the laws that we have on thebooks. We are cracking down on sanctuary cities and working to ensure our families are safe from criminal illegal aliens.  

We have made great strides this year and will continue to fulfill our promises to theAmerican people. I applaud the President for echoing his commitment to continuing to work with Congress to create more opportunities for all Americans. Now is the time to build on this momentum and continue to make our country stronger, safer, and the best that it can be.

House Responsibly Votes to Fund Our Military for the Full Year 
As the father of a first year Navy seaman, I deeply value his service and the service of each and every member of our armed forces. As these brave men and women stand strong in the face of danger and defend our nation both at home and abroad, they expect their elected officials to have their backs. I believe that our greatest duty as Members of Congress is to provide funding for our military and ensure they have theresources they need to fulfill their duties. 

This week marks the third time that the House has sent the Senate a bill to fund our nation’s military. Our men and women in uniform make immense sacrifices to protect our great nation. It is completely irresponsible for Senate Democrats to create unnecessary certainty for our military by holding their funding hostage. I sincerely hope that they take this seriously and provide our troops with the funding that they need and deserve. I have proudly voted for this critical funding bill three times, and I will continue to vote for it time and time again until we get it to the President’s desk.

Meeting with Texans 
National Federation of the Blind 
This week I was delighted to meet with folks from the National Federation of the Blind, including two TX-32 constituents, Ogulcan and Kandam Kalkani. Ogulcan is a graduate student at SMU studying Human Rights and Social Justice & Global Studies, and is a true inspiration to myself and the disability community. I look forward to continuing work with organizations like the National Federation of the Blind as we work in Congress to provide individuals with disabilities with the opportunities they need to succeed.  

Congressman Sessions meeting with constituents representing National Federation of the Blind

Independent Bankers Association of Texas 
This week, I was happy to meet with the Independent Bankers Association of Texas. Local banks are critical to our communities. They provide financing to businesses on Main Street to help them invest, grow, and create jobs. We discussed regulatory reform efforts that the Senate continues to evaluate, including many ideas reflected in bills thatthe House has already passed. Small banks play a critical role in our communities, and we should not needlessly burden them with onerous red tape.

Congressman Sessions with Steve Scurlock from the Independent Bankers Association of Texas 

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon's Board 
I was also happy to meet with oral and maxillofacial surgeons to discuss matters important to their practices, including coverage for craniofacial anomalies, such as cleft palate. Cleft lip and cleft palate are birth defects that occur when a baby’s lip or mouth do not form properly during pregnancy. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons treat these issues in infants, and I support their efforts to provide quality care.

Strengthening US-Canadian Ties 
On Tuesday, I met with Canadian Ambassador to the United States David MacNaughton to discuss the important bilateral issues the United States and Canada currently face. In our meeting we discussed our countries joint efforts on security and intelligence sharing, and the status of NAFTA and ongoing negotiations between theUnited States, Canada, and Mexico. Over the past year, I have been closely engaged with the Trump Administration on NAFTA and have worked to support these critical trade deals that are so beneficial to our state's economy. For example, in the 2016 alone, thanks to NAFTA-based trade with Canada, Texas exported $832 million in goods north of the border and supported almost 460,000 jobs in the state – including 23,000 in TX-32. Considering the completion of the 6th round of NAFTA talks, I look forward to continuing my work with the Administration on these trade issues.

Congressman Sessions with the Canadian Ambassador to the United States David MacNaughton