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Congressman Pete Sessions

Representing the 32nd District of Texas

The Hill Report: Week of April 30 - May 4, 2018

May 7, 2018
Weekly Newsletters

This week I joined hundreds of North Texans in honoring the life of a Dallas Police Officer who was tragically killed in the line of duty, Officer Rogelio Santander. This was a stark reminder of thedanger that our officers put themselves in every single day to protect our families and communities. I pray that God brings peace to Officer Santander's family, loved ones, and our entire community. I also offer my deepest prayers for Officer Crystal Almeia and Home Depot loss prevention officer Scott Painter as they continue to recover from this tragic incident.

Meetings in North Texans  
National Day of Prayer 
Thursday morning I was delighted to join community and faith leaders in Rowlett for the National Day of Prayer Breakfast, hosted by Leadership Rowlett. Since first being formalized by Congress in 1952, the National Day of Prayer has brought together Americans every year for a day of renewed faith, fellowship and community, and I could not be prouder to celebrate this tradition with my fellow North Texans. 

Congressman Sessions with North Texas leaders at the National Day of Prayer Breakfast

Dallas Bar Association Law Day 
The framers thoughtfully and intentionally wrote the Constitution to ensure that we have three co-equal branches that are balanced by a system of checks and balances. This framework of freedom has been the hallmark of our country and the reason for our success as a nation. I was delighted to join my friend Congressman Marc Veasey at the Dallas Bar Association’s Annual Law Day to discuss this important balance. From reasserting our Congressional authority, to protecting the First Amendment, we covered a lot of very important topics that underscore the need for us to work together to preserve and protect the laws and the constitutional roles that the framers intended.

Congressman Sessions with Congressman Veasey, President of the Dallas Bar Association, and bright young leaders who won various awards from theAssociation

UTD Masters Program 
For 18 months I worked on a free market based healthcare plan that would provide an alternative to Obamacare and give Americans the freedom to make their own healthcare decisions. Instead of coercing people onto Obamacare, my bill empowered individuals to choose their own healthcare plan and have access to quality, affordable care. This afternoon I had the opportunity to play professor and talk about my ideas to fix our broken healthcare system during the University of Texas at Dallas Master’s of Health Management class. These professionals had an awesome understanding and unique viewpoint of healthcare that allowed us to have a robust and dynamic conversation about some of the solutions to make our system more affordable for families, better for doctors, and overall stronger for our communities. 

Congressman Sessions engaging with Masters students on ways to reform our health care system

Supporting the 2nd Amendment  
As a proud gun owner, a proud lifetime member of the Texas State Rifle Association, and a proud lifetime member of the National Rifle Association I was pleased to welcome the NRA Convention to Dallas. I believe every individual who can legally own a gun should be able to have the ability to do so. Its’s a God given right to defend ourselves and our families.

I believe our nation is facing a cultural crisis. Tragedies and violence spurred by mental illness and breakdowns in communication are becoming far too common. However, pundits and liberal activists are capitalizing on this situation by politicizing tragedy and using it to push their far-left agenda. From suggesting repealing the 2nd Amendment to saying they wish it had never been written, this rhetoric is just as dangerous as the violence they claim they are trying to stop. 

With this heightened awareness of gun rights, we have a golden opportunity to teach the next generation and their parents about the awesome ability to have the right to bear arms. But with this constitutional right, comes immense responsibility. We need to teach them the balance between thetwo and ensure they have the tools available to understand it.

I will never shy away from my support of our constitution and the 2nd Amendment and I will also never abdicate my responsibility as a citizen and a leader to protect North Texas families and our communities from danger.