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Congressman Pete Sessions

Representing the 32nd District of Texas


Trade is one of the cornerstones of America’s relationship with other nations. Trade promotes economic freedoms, helps alleviate poverty, and builds more prosperous neighbors and better relationships between countries.

Throughout my service in the House of Representatives, I have been very active in trade and foreign relations matters. I believe that these critical issues will bolster Texas’ economic resurgence and will be vital in America’s economic recovery.  I will continue to fight to open foreign markets to American goods and services and to ensure that American consumers enjoy the benefits of imports.  That said, free trade agreements must be negotiated in a way that benefits American workers, businesses, consumers, and families.

 Free trade.When negotiated well, trade agreements can generate opportunities and jobs for U.S. workers and businesses and provide access to affordable products for consumers.  In all, 38 million American jobs are supported by trade.  Additionally, US jobs supported by goods exports pay 13-18% more than the US national average, meaning that not only does a free trade agenda create jobs, but it also creates good paying jobs.  Finally, Texas exported $251.1 billion of merchandise in 2015, which supported 1.1 million jobs in our state alone.