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This week the House approved several bills to stop government abuse, reduce burdensome government regulations, and get Washington out of the way to help families and small businesses. One of the many bills we passed is the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act, which requires that any regulation with an economic impact of $100 million or more receive congressional approval.  This important bill will put an end to unelected Washington bureaucrats being able to implement new rules and regulations without oversight from Congress or the American people. 

I’m pleased to report that the House approved my amendment to the REINS Act that strengthens the legislation by requiring agencies to submit a report detailing the anticipated number of jobs lost or gained as a result of a new rule. The amendment also requires that the report distinguish whether the job loss or gain is in the private or public sector. I believe my common-sense amendment will help Congress to combat the Administration’s continued assault on the free enterprise system – from the war on coal to ObamaCare – that stifles small business growth and job creation. 

Click here to view my remarks on my amendment to the REINS Act

Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care  
The recent IRS scandal embodies the Obama Administration’s consistent, deliberate abuse of government power and highlights the need to get Washington out of the doctor-patient relationship.  With a role in nearly 50 different aspects of ObamaCare, the IRS has vast power over its implementation.  I strongly believe that North Texans should not be at the mercy of an agency that has betrayed their trust when making personal health care decisions.

That is why I voted today to prohibit the IRS from implementing or enforcing any provision of ObamaCare. While President Obama continually ignores the will of the American people, House Republicans are acting to prevent implementation of this damaging law. I urge the Senate to join our efforts in keeping the IRS out of health care. 

July Jobs Report
The Department of Labor released its monthly jobs report today, which stated that the unemployment rate lowered slightly to 7.4%.  Unfortunately, when taking a closer look at the details of the report it becomes clear that the President’s policies are not helping our workforce. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 63.4% of Americans are working and 8.2 million people want a full-time job but can only find part-time work.  Additionally, there are still one million Americans not even looking for work because they are discouraged by the job market.

While President Obama has spent the last two weeks traveling the country and giving speeches, I was pleased to support a series of bills – like the Energy Consumers Relief Act that will help protect Americans from new billion-dollar EPA regulations – to protect much-needed jobs and give businesses regulatory relief. I will continue to stand up for North Texans by fighting to put our nation on a pathway to real economic recovery. 

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