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This week, I was delighted to be in North Texas during the District Work Week. During this critical time in our nation, I was pleased to meet with my constituents to hear their concerns and discuss their ideas to ensure that Texas’ best days lie in her future.

Meeting with Constituents

On Monday, I held a town hall-style meeting with a large group of constituents at Fellowship Bible Church in Dallas.  This meeting gave me the opportunity to share my priorities for the 113th Congress and take questions on the current policy debates we are having across the country.  Like me, most of the people reading this newsletter and the many constituents I meet with weekly are frustrated about the inability of Congress to guide our country in a positive direction.  The Democrat-controlled Senate stubbornly refuses to move forward on legislation that cuts government spending and encourages job creation. Not to mention the fact that the Senate has refused to pass a budget in nearly four years.  I was pleased to report on the House's latest action, No Budget, No Pay, to hold the Senate and Obama Administration accountable for their fiscally irresponsible actions that threaten the American Dream and stall much-needed growth in our nation.  

              Congressman Pete Sessions meeting with constituents in Dallas

At a time when North Texas families and small businesses are apprehensive about the current state of our economy, I am committed to fighting for policies in Washington that will provide certainty in the marketplace.  I will continue to stand up for my constituents by holding Congress accountable for its out-of-control spending, which is placing a burden of debt on future generations. 

Defending the 2nd Amendment

I was pleased to also meet with a number of constituents who, like me, are committed to protecting our Second Amendment rights. In the coming months, as gun control continues to be debated in Washington, rest assured that I will continue to tirelessly defend Texans’ right to bear arms. For more information on my work in Congress, please visit my official website or follow me on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. It is my hope that you encourage your family, friends and neighbors to reach out to my office with their comments regarding the President’s gun control proposals and the Senate Democrats' gun control legislation. 

           Congressman Pete Sessions discussing gun rights with constituents

Also this week, House Education and Workforce Committee Chairman John Kline sent letters to Attorney General Holder, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, and Health and Human Services Secretary Sebelius, seeking clarification of President Obama’s executive actions announced several weeks ago.  I believe that these letters raise very valid questions, and I will continue to monitor these issues as the Administration seeks to implement the President’s proposals.

President Obama’s Immigration Remarks

Over the past week, immigration has been at the forefront of debate in Washington.  As you may know, immigration reform has always been a top priority of mine, and I believe that Congress must address our broken immigration system in a manner that enforces the law and provides for the needs of our economy.  Because this is one of the toughest challenges facing Texas and our entire country, this problem cannot be ignored.

On Monday, a group of Senators released several proposals to fix our immigration system; and on Tuesday, President Obama delivered a speech outlining his priorities for immigration reform. The President’s speech was far overdue, and serves as a sober reminder of yet another empty campaign promise from this Administration.  Moving forward, I will carefully review the proposals outlined by the group of Senators this week, as well as any legislation that is formed from their ideas.  

As Congress debates the best approach to fix our nation’s immigration system, you can rest assured that my focus will continue to center on my belief that we are a nation of laws. I will stand by my position of opposing blanket amnesty, and I strongly believe that the people of Texas deserve nothing less than a system that will ensure real border security and operational control in areas where it is needed. I will continue to update you on any action taken by Congress on this important issue for the state of Texas.

January Jobs Report

Today, the Department of Labor released its monthly unemployment report, which stated that our jobless rate rose to 7.9%.  This latest report underscores the need for the Obama Administration to join House Republicans in prioritizing job creation and economic growth. At a time when our nation is experiencing such high jobless rates and the GDP has contracted by 0.1 percent in the last quarter, it is clear that we need leadership that is willing to responsibly tackle the important issues facing our nation.  As you may remember, the House passed nearly 30 pro-growth bills last Congress that would help small businesses create jobs.  Instead of joining us, the Senate refused to even consider our legislation.  In the 113th Congress, I will continue to fight for policies that reduce burdensome regulation and empower the free-enterprise system to thrive.

North Texans deserve better than a government that accepts chronic high employment. That is why I will continue to demand that Congress address our record deficits and unsustainable debt to provide certainty in the marketplace and make life better for American families and small businesses. Now is the time to implement fiscally responsible policies that will reenergize our economy and help get Americans back to work.

Have a good weekend.


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