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This week, I was pleased to support two bills in the House that promote responsible use of taxpayer dollars.  One of my top priorities in Congress is to reduce wasteful government spending while also ensuring that we provide funding for our nation’s priorities. 

On Wednesday, the House approved the Energy and Water Appropriations bill for fiscal year 2014.  This bill invests in all-of-the-above energy solutions, provides funding for national defense weapons programs, and promotes infrastructure projects critical to our economy.  It cuts $2.9 billion from the fiscal year 2013 enacted law while still protecting our national security and encouraging economic growth and competitiveness. 

On Thursday, the House passed a revised version of the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2013, known as the Farm bill.  This bill ensures that America’s farmers, ranchers, and producers have the tools they need to provide families with affordable, safe, and reliable access to food.  It consolidates and streamlines programs to save taxpayers nearly $20 billion while also making common-sense reforms to our nation’s agriculture policy and investing in conservation programs to benefit future generations of North Texans. I’m pleased that the House moved forward on this bill that is a product of four years of debate, 40 hearings, and an audit of all of our agriculture programs. 

Update on Immigration Reform
As you may know, the Senate recently passed an immigration reform bill authored by the “Gang of Eight.” I support our Texas Senators’ decision to oppose this flawed bill because it doesn’t fix our broken immigration system.  

House Republicans held a meeting this week to discuss the House’s path forward on immigration reform, which I think is critical to both our national security and our economy.  In the meeting it was made clear that the House will not take up the legislation that was rushed through the Senate, but instead House committees will continue to work on a step-by-step approach.  I believe immigration reform is far too complex and important to not examine each piece in detail.

First and foremost, I strongly believe that we are a nation of laws and I will continue to stand by my position of opposing blanket amnesty. Additionally, before I could consider supporting any bill, I believe it must address these critical issues: strengthening border security, prosecuting and deporting criminal aliens in the US, establishing a true guest worker program, safeguarding social programs, and strengthening interior enforcement. 

I believe the people of Texas deserve nothing less than a system that will ensure real border security and operational control in areas where it is needed.  I will keep you updated on the progress of any immigration reform legislation in the House and will continue to fight for what is best for North Texas.

Constituent meetings
In addition to the legislative business in the House this week, I enjoyed meeting with several constituents and groups from North Texas to discuss the issues most important to them. I also met with two local officials, the Mayor of Mesquite and the Superintendent for Richardson ISD.  Mayor John Monaco and Dr. Kay Waggoner both have a passion for making life better for the people in their communities and I was delighted to have the opportunity to meet with them and to discuss how we can work together.

On Tuesday I met with a constituent from Dallas, Michael Cox, who was in town for One Voice Against Cancer’s annual visit to the Capitol. Michael represented the National Brain Tumor Society as their Texas brain tumor advocate.  I appreciated them taking the time to meet with me to share their legislative agenda, as well as update me on their current programs and success rates. To learn more about the National Brain Tumor Society, visit http://www.braintumor.org/.

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