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This week, the House passed legislation to ensure that our veterans receive the quality of health care that they deserve. In light of recent reports of the alleged mismanagement of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the House has worked expeditiously to care for our veterans and uncover the truth behind this appalling news.

I was proud to join my colleagues in the House in supporting the Veterans Access to Care Act. This bill would give veterans the option of seeking private-sector health care if the wait time that they face at the VA exceeds 30 days. This bill would also ban bonuses for all VA employees and require the VA to submit quarterly reports to Congress to increase transparency and require accountability. I’m pleased to announce that this bill unanimously passed the House.
Legislation Approved this week
On Tuesday, the House passed the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act of 2015. This legislation responsibly supports critical housing and transportation programs while spending $7.8 billion below the President’s budget request and making strides to reduce our nation’s deficit. I believe it is essential to make sensible investments in our nation’s highways, bridges, and airports to meet the needs of the American people and sustain a strong economy. To read more about THUD, click here.

The House also passed  two important measures to provide our nation’s job creators with permanent tax relief. H.R. 4457, the Small Business Tax Relief Act, provides companies with the flexibility to access capital in order to invest in their businesses and create new jobs. H.R. 4453, the Permanent S Corporation Built-in Gains Recognition Period,  provides small businesses with the fiscal certainty that they need to plan for the future, expand their businesses, and hire new workers. I was proud to support these common sense jobs bills to reduce the tax burden on our nation’s small businesses, which will spur investment, economic growth, and job creation. 

North Texas Invasive Species Barrier Act of 2014
I am very pleased to report that the North Texas Invasive Species Barrier Act of 2014 was signed into law this week. I was an original cosponsor of this bill, which ensures that more than 1.5 million customers of the North Texas Municipal Water District will continue to have access to an adequate supply of water in the future. It guarantees that water transferred from Lake Texoma will reach North Texans unrestricted while remaining in compliance with the Lacey Act by continuing to prevent the spread of invasive species across state lines. I am delighted this common sense piece of legislation was signed into law and will ensure that millions of Texans will have a steady stream of clean water for generations to come.
Texas Department of Transportation
On Tuesday, June 17th, the Texas Department of Transportation is holding a public meeting to discuss the proposed implementation of the I-635 Express/HOV lanes from US 75 to I-30 in Dallas, Garland, and Mesquite. The proposed project would implement tolling of single occupant vehicles on the existing express/HOV lanes from US 75 to I-30. If you are interested in learning more about this project or offering your feedback I hope that you will take part in this open forum.
Texas Department of Transportation public meeting
Tuesday, June 17, 2014
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Highland Oaks Church of Christ
10805 Walnut Hill Lane
To learn more about this project please visit http://www.txdot.gov/.

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