Tax Relief

Our tax system is broken.  As your Member of Congress, I will continue to tirelessly push for a flatter, fairer tax code that benefits all Americans.  I support Chairman Camp and Chairman Baucus’ approach to comprehensive tax reform and applaud their leadership on this tough issue.  Every deduction, exemption, credit, and loophole should be on the chopping block in exchange for dramatically lower rates for individuals and businesses.

Fix the Tax Code to Help Job Creators

  • Currently, the United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the world.  High corporate taxes lead to less capital for companies to invest into their businesses and employees and into our economy. 
  • Tax rates on businesses and individuals should be lowered to no more than 25% in order to increase American competitiveness, spur investment, and create more jobs.
  • Tax reform should also allow American businesses to bring back their overseas profits without having to pay a tax penalty.  American businesses should be encouraged to invest their profit in the United States so that they can invest in our economy and create jobs at home.

My efforts to reform our tax code have led me to be the recipient of the "Spirit of Enterprise” Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the “Taxpayer Hero” award from Citizens Against Government Waste.

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